QUATRO VSL Vessel Sealing & Ligation


Rg Medical introduces Quatro VSL, for the first time a single instrument can grasp, dissect, seal vessels up to 7mm in diameter and hemostatically seal & divide vascular pedicles. The unique patented design enables surgeons to quickly seal and ligate vascular pedicles without a mechanical blade.

The Quatro ESU automatically monitors the condition of the tissue between the jaws of the instrument and it will automatically stop when the vessel sealing cycle is complete. Audible and visual indicators let the surgeon know that it is safe to divide the tissue.

When it is time to transect tissue, the Quatro VSL uses a different frequency bipolar current to quickly and safely transect the tissue. We have instruments for both laparoscopic and open surgical applications. The Quatro VSL coagulates with minimal char, minimal lateral thermal spread and without excessive smoke generation.